My Chinese Class and Me 我和我的中文课

Hello, everyone! My name is Liu Wei and I come from China. I grew up in China and have graduated from Jilin University last summer. When I was in the university, my major was English teaching and minor was German. It was first year for me to go aboard and teach Chinese in the USA. I worked at a middle school in Sauk Rapids in Minnesota. I taught the Chinese language and culture for each rotation for 17 days as an Allied Art teacher. For ten days, I will basically teach Chinese basic greetings and characters for ten eighth graters and seven graters too, for the rest of days, I will introduce some Chinese culture, like making paper-cuttings and Chinese calligraphy.

大家好!我叫刘微,来自中国。我在中国长大,去年夏天毕业于吉林师范大学。在读大学期间,我的专业是英语教育,第二外语是德语。去年是我第一年出国,也是第一年赴美从事对外汉语教学工作。去年我在明尼苏达州索克拉皮兹地区一所中学教汉语. 作为一名艺术老师,我教授十个八年级和十个七年级,每个班级有十七天的中文课,我用十天的时间主要讲解简单的中文语法和基本的打招呼用语,另外七天,我主要介绍中国传统文化,例如剪纸书法等。

In the passed two weeks, I taught some basic greetings in Chinese and how to count numbers in Chinese for both 7th graters and 8th graters. At the same time we did paper-cuttings and Chinese calligraphy during the Chinese class. They did enjoying the making paper-cuttings and making calligraphy. One of the most challenge I faced last two weeks is classroom management. For some kids who are really talkative, they can not control themselves speaking and can not recognize what time they should listen to the teacher. I tried different ways to help them to focus on the works they should do. The most effective way to let them pay more attention to listen to the teacher is always encouraging them, asking them questions and making a conversation with them. Because every kids will feel comfortable when they were noticed. Especially when they give the right answers to the questions and all the others will give them a hand.



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